Sharpness and blur
in fotography


(Public beta)German version of this article is (for now) much more complete. The program cBlur is a small tool, which displays the distribution of the sharpness in phtographs according to the distance from the camera. The program only needs the focus distance, the aperture settings, the focal length and the desired image quality.

cBlur is basically a significantly enhanced depth of field calculator. The difference is that not only the two points near and far border of sharpnes are calculated, but the entire distribution of sharpness. The highlight of cBlur is that the entire calculation can take into account the diffraction of light at the aperture. This leads not only to more realistic results but also allows cBlur to calculate a diffraction based hyperfocal distance. Even if cBlur looks a little complex at first, it is also very good for beginners who still not really know how the relationships are that determine the distribution of sharpness.

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Desktop Version

A desk top version of cBlur is available for Windows. The functional range is the nearly the same as in the on line version.

Windows Version / Manual